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Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks

Facebook manipulated people’s feeds to show more or less positive posts to see if it impacted people’s emotions.  I am not surprised.  I am also not surprised that some people are really upset, including privacy rights lawyers.  They see money to be made by creating a big stir.  A little jaded?  Nah…..

Frankly, Facebook is a free network and you give away some rights when you send posts out into a vast free network managed by a twit in a hoodie worth billions of dollars.  He’s not worth billions for no reason.  That said, social media does have a profound effect and is part of the fabric of news gathering and dissemination, so we have to participate.  PR is more art than science, and unfortunately the only way to ensure that everyone sees the message you want to communicate is to advertise.  And we know how much that costs.

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